Saturday, March 17, 2007

Forbidden Kingdom...

So what comes next for the smallest theme park in the Disney Kingdom?

Well, we don't know anymore about the addition of POTC expansion yet. It's still in the planning phase as well as The Haunter Mansion and a yet untitled ride.

What will be happening over the next two to three years in addition to IASW will be an expansion of the esplanade. Sources have told me that within a year or so the goal is to start to create a Downtown Disney type atmosphere around the area to provide more of an incentive for people to stay, shop and spend money.

To do this they want to create an entertainment center around the area outside the theme park. Plans have been drawn up and the logistics are being worked out as we speak.

As for when we see those two or three other E-Tickets? Well, if it's approved POTC could be in place around 2011... but that all depends on getting approval from Hong Kong's governing body, which is less than happy about the first years results. Disney is considering this for the long hall. The park is beautiful and well laid out, but clearly underbuilt in terms of E-Tickets by at least two. POTC and HH should have been in the phase one plans but because of the planning of Michael Eisner were put on the back burner.

If attendance figures grow at a respectible pace we should see the addition of both POTC and HH by 2012 and that will be close to the time when Disney will have to decide if they're going to build a park across from Hong Kong Disneyland. They have an option on the land that expires in 2013 and the HK government will be pressuring them with the threat of building another competitor park on the land if Disney doesn't(hello, Universal?).

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