Thursday, February 8, 2007

Disneyland Hotel: Fantasy, Magic and Dreams?

It appears my earlier post about the different Disneyland Hotels around the world now has a sequel... or at least an interesting question at the end of it.

WDI has a serious proposal to radically retheme the original Disneyland Hotel's three towers. The plan calls for the structures to be changed from the inside out...

The renovation is supposed to begin late this year/early next and is expected to last almost three years. When through it should look nothing like it does now. That's around a year per tower and one of the towers will be designed with family suites. It appears that Mickey Mouse Penthouse was more than just a YOMD promotion. It was testing grounds for these designs.

The plan hasn't been approved yet, but should be signed off by the end of April if everything goes well. As far as what it will look like. It's been described as Fantasy, Magic and Dreams and is supposed to be much more in line with the Disneyland Park whose name it uses. The emphasis is on the fantasy and one Imagineer told me when asked if it was going to appear like Excaliber in Las Vegas said no, but you're heading in the right direction. And it will look amazing...

Hmmm... interesting. Hopefully artwork will be released when construction starts.

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