Saturday, February 10, 2007

King Of The Castle Or Disney Villain?

Marvel Comics has it's men in tights. Warner may have bought DC Comics years ago and turned it's costumed characters into a cash cow. Well, now Disney has their own Super hero. Ok, so John Lasseter may be Superman and Ed Catmull may be Batman, but then there's...

Steve Jobs.

He's Disney's very own Galactus...

The Single most powerful person on Disney's board. He now owns 6% of the company... that may not sound like much but for a company worth literally billions of dollars six percent is a whole lot.

If you take into account Michael Eisner worked as the Walt Disney Company's CEO for twenty two years. Over that time he aquired stock through the options in his contract... after almost a quarter of a century he now owns around 1%. Nothing to sneeze at, but overnight Steve Jobs has six times that.

One wonders what affect he's having on the decisions the board are making. Jim Hill reported last year that Iger had his ear about several issues and that he, in particular was the one responsible for the cutting back the production of non-Disney films and the refocusing on the Disney brand.

Many have wondered if he would eventually push Iger out and take over Disney the way he took over Apple in the mid 90's. I think he's happy with his deal. I believe he enjoys making decisions that affect the company but has no desire to get mired in the menusha of a mega-corporation. He can focus on Apple and the electronic part of entertainment while keeping his eye on the content his devices will play.

It is a small world afterall... and Jobs just wants to play in Disney's, not rule the castle. Or leap any tall building in a single bound I guess.

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