Tuesday, November 28, 2006

DCA To Become Part Of Downtown Disney???

In his latest column about the world of Disney theme parks, Miceage columnist Al Lutz says that WDI is split into two factions as to what to do about Disney's California Adventure.

The first group wants to move ahead with Lasseter's plan to pump almost 700 million dollars into the park to make it a viable sister park to Disneyland.

The other group, supported by Tony Baxter wants to basically tear down the turnstiles and make DCA and extension of Downtown Disney that will have rides that park goers will to ride with their current admission. Locals to DD will have to pay a fee per ride.

Personally, I don't want Disney to pull the plug on this just yet and plan on asking my friends that work there what's up. If they work with Lasseter and spend the appropriate money then it should be a fine park to go to over the next decade. Here's praying Iger doesn't throw in the towel.

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Thomas Phillip said...

it's always interesting to read the blue sky archives. Blue sky has come along way from reporting what other people have published to finding your own (credible) source and breaking the news first.