Friday, April 27, 2007

Pixar's Cards...

Well, with the small bits that are trinkling out of various websites, it appears we are getting an idea of what is happening at Pixar Animation Studios.

So the future of Pixar is this:

Ratatouille(2007) - the new film by Brad Bird which I can't wait to see... (the man is a genius)

WALL-E(2008) - the new film by Andrew Stanton(Finding Nemo) that is Pixar's firts take on science fiction.

Untitled (2009) - one of the untitled films listed below will most likely be this offering. My bet is on Pete Doctor's film.

Toy Story 3(2010) - the long awaited sequel to Toy Story, this time directed by Lee Unkrich, the co-director of TS2.

An untitled Gary Rydstrom Feature

An untitled Brenda Chapman Feature

An untitled Pete Doctor Feature

I wonder if one of these untitled films is "The Princess of Mars" that was brought over from Paramount?

Looks like Uncle John (Lasseter) has a very full plate indeed...

Thanks to "UpComing Pixar" for the hat tip.

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