Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walt Disney World's "Most" Popular Attractions...

I know I started this blog with a series of short post entitled "Most", so I believe this will fit into that for filing...

Zagat published an extensive survey of guest attending the WDW resort this week and here are the top five attractions.

Top Attractions(Adults):

1. Expedtion Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom
2. Soarin' - Epcot
3. Cirque du Soleil - Downtown Disney
4. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Disney-MGM Studios
5. Tower of Terror - Disney-MGM Studios

Top Attractions(Kids)

1. Wishes Spectacular - Magic Kingdom
2. Turtle Talk with Crush - Epcot
3. Buzz Lightyear's Spin - Magic Kingdom
4. Playhouse Disney - Disney-MGM Studios
5. SpectroMagic Parade - Magic Kingdom

What? NO Pirates!? Hmmm... interesting.


Anonymous said...

I love EE, but I hope they build Beastly Kingdom. That would make DAK totally awesome!

The Whiz Kid Forte said...

I see my favorite WDW attraction of all time on top of the adult list and I noted my mother's fav just below it!!! =D