Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pixar Studios To Make Live Action Films! Say Whaaaa!???

Yes it's true. Pixar is going to move into live action film making... Wow.

Over at the Daily Bulletin, they have an interview with Brad Bird on Ratatouille. Brad reveals that his next film will be live action. And it will be for Pixar... wow, again.

Brad is quoted in the article as saying: "The company is evolving into a place where all kinds of movies, not just animated ones, can come out,".

This in very, very interesting. This, I believe rules out Brad directing that film about the San Francisco earthquake... it just doesn't seem to be Pixar's bag, but that to me sinds up big, bright flares as to what it COULD be. John Lasseter was instrumental in aquiring the rights to a certain property a few months ago... a property we at Blue Sky Disney talked about. If fact, we talked about Brad Bird directing it... but I didn't think there was much chance or truth to the idea. It was just one of those geek dreams. Now, I'm not so sure we've woke up yet.

Could Pixar be making "The Princess of Mars"? Would that be the secret live action project he's now working on? I wonder if they're going to do a complete rewrite of the current script which I hear is fabulous. Brad Bird is known to write his own stuff.

We'll keep an eye on this one...

Thanks to "UpComing Pixar" for the hat tip.

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Anonymous said...

This has been axed. The source doesn't even exist anymore. Great job on accuracy.