Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Class Trailer...

X-Men unite...

The teaser trailer for Fox's "X-Men: First Class" film is out...

Looks pretty good for a taste of the flavor you'll get watching the beginning of the mutant saga. I can't wait to see an actual trailer with more footage and more fleshing out of the story. I know that many of the special effects for this aren't done, so you haven't seen the best of what it has to offer. But it's a fine start.

A first class teaser...


hamletprimeiro said...

It's good to know that I am not the only one that have good feelings about this movie.
I really liked this teaser.

Honor Hunter said...

A lot of people have been really negative towards this, but I've always felt that Matthew Vaughn was one of the good guys.

I have a feeling as he reaches a wider audience with this film, he'll become more and more fan loved like Jon Favreau.

Of course, some people may not like him just because he's married to a smoking hot super-model, but that wouldn't be me.

I date enough models already, no need to be jealous!


Anonymous said...

Mathew Vaughn is great!

Fox is the devil. And they haven't had a decent big budget film in years!

Sebastian Shaw said...

Yeah, but remember that Vaughn was going to direct X-Men 3 and dropped out because he didn't feel the script was right and it wouldn't rush it to meet the release date.

He wouldn't have gotten involved this time had those conditions changed. Plus he has his co-writer from Kick-Ass working on the script. I expect this film to kick major ass! Should easily be better than part 3, hopefully better than part 1. I would be surprised if it's as good as part 2, but I'd love for that to happen.

The lack of Logan would be the only downside, but we know that it's another forty years before he joins the team.

Doopey said...

Honestly, I thought it was just okay. The special effects looked just as cheap as they have in the previous X-Men films. I like the general idea of it, but this didn't completely sell me.

Sincerely Yours said...

In fact it's a very good idea to do a movie like this.
If any film series would suit a prequel it is the X-Men, because the whole point is that Mutants have been quietly existing for so long. In the first movie we open at the point were this isn't a secret and the X-Men are established.

It looks okay.
But I have serious reservations about the characters included and the casting.
So much casting of American superheroes is heading to British Actors in general in one way it makes me nervous about the authenicity, the other naturally proud of their success in Hollywood. This film is a reminder of this.

Young Beast is a reasonable idea, but the casting is strange.
Havok is weird as he is with all respect, a poorer mans Cyclops. A less interesting character outside of that relationship when he is involved with the X-Men.
Angel Salvadorre (which might be more of a combo with Pixie) is a bizarre choice as is barely known, and not very interesting outside of the Pregnancy story.
Azazel is a character that the majority of X-Men fans would rather forget and never see again. Such a poor retcon of Nightcrawlers history and no amount of movie-ization will make them forget that. The only reason for him is so he can do the nasty with Mystique and conceive Nightcrawler. The effects I like, but would also suit another teleporter who is more associated with the X-Men of that era in The Vanisher.
Emma Frost, is she going to be a telepath ever. I don't really care either way. Is she an X-Man in this, I think her story of being a villain and a bitch first is more interesting to differ her from other X-Ladies.
Darwin is frighteningly new and boring, but does fit the time period.

Prof. X, Magneto, Banshee, Moira MacTaggert, Sebastian Shaw, Mystique all good ideas and possibly good casting.

I'd much prefer to have seen Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm as kids, along with Beast, Banshee, Mystique.
Suppose they are leaving room for those in the next series that will take place between this and the original films.

Oh I do love Magneto and Mystique (plus other future villains) being portrayed as X-Men before the Prof X\Magneto split, that works for me. Makes the future relations more bitter and leave more meaning behind the confrontation.

I'm all for adapting the source material.
And I'll probably see the film, but it's not on my must see list. It is behind Dark Knight Rises, Cap America, Thor, Avengers and new Spiderman, before Green Lantern.

I guess this is the troubles of being a fan boy. hahaha

hamletprimeiro said...

I must say that I loved this teaser. Like I said before: good feelings about this movie.

hamletprimeiro said...

Sorry Honor, I just realize that my last comment has the same content of my first comment with others words. If you don't publish the last one no problem for me. I think that i just wanna defend Vaughn's film's again.

2.0 and Beyond said...

Sincerely Yours, probably the reason they are including some of the more obscure characters is that Disney is going to try and make as much out of the 5000 marvel characters they bought.

Even many Marvel fans aren't all that up to date with all the variations of the Marvel world.

I don't know if Disney actually tapped into any in-house Marvel fans they may have to cull the best potential characters they have at their disposal. Some of the questionable ones may have just been selected by someone without a clue, who chose a character they thought might be cool.

Outside of that, the prequel premise looks interesting.

Doopey said...

Actually, 2.0, I would think that it's Fox, not Disney, that is wanting to use as many obscure characters as possible. I don't really understand the details of Fox's pre-existing agreement with Marvel to use X-Men characters, but I'm sure they want to squeeze the X-Men franchise for everything they can possibly get before those characters revert back to Disney in the future.

Sincerely Yours said...

Yes Doopey is right. It's Fox and the pre-existing producers of the movie franchise at fault with the character selections as the rights lie at their feet.

The whole 5000 characters is a myth, because 4,950 of those are unviable in their own right.

The character choice for this movie is akin to the following line-up for 'The Avengers' movie in 2012-
War Machine, Hercules, Dr. Strange, Sentry, Echo, Spider-Girl, Reptil.

Some are good characters, but are not right for the project.

Despite this the prequel premise is very interesting and is something I would've liked to be explored in the comics more. A proto-X-Men