Friday, July 4, 2008

America Celebrates Her Birthday!

Happy 4th of July! Go out and see a movie(ahem, Wall-e?), go to Disneyland(be one of the first to ride the new Monorail Red!), enjoy a Bar-B-Que or watch some fireworks and be thankful for the liberty we are blessed to have in America. Celebrate the founding of our nation on this day in 1776.

A very special day on which our second President(John Adams) and third President(Thomas Jefferson) both died... in the same year, 1826... which just happened to be the 50th anniversary of America! Coincidence?

Sounds like providence to me...


Anonymous said...

232 years young...not too bad! Happy Fourth to all.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of you being in the pocket of corporate interest, Honor.

All this nationalistic talk makes me uneasy. Pure propaganda set up to celebrate this day congratulating a bunch of slave owners for throwing out their own masters. Hypocrites.

Nice to see you've also given away your right-wing views finally. I noticed the "write" as in "right". At least you admit your a tool of this administration and the conspiracy of the right.

Doopey said...

Happy 4th everybody!

Anonymous said...

God bless America and screw Che What? the anti-American nut that keeps making such amazingly insane statements.

Unknown said...

@che wha?

If you can name a single country that doesn't have some level of corruption (ha -- that's my name!), either now or in the past, I'll buy you a cookie.

Oh, you can't? Haha.

I'm eating your cookie.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till November and we get rid of all you radical right wingers, Corruption. An appropriate name for a Republican stooge if you ask me. Just wait and see, I only hope the fairness doctrine is enacted and applies to the Net as well as radio, then you lemmings will finally not be able to force your ways on to others. Of all the preposterous statements to make. You defend this country like it's innocent of all the bloodshed that it has caused. No other country has raped the world of treasure and humanity the way the USA has.

Obama's pastor, Reverend Wright was right. I only wish Barack had had the courage to stand by him instead of giving into the right like he did.

Unknown said...

First -- Honor, I'm sorry that this has degenerated to this.

@che wha?

I don't have the time to appropriately address the remarks you have made, so I'll try and be brief.

First, I'm not a radical right-winger. I'd be pleased as punch if we had some kind of real, lasting change in this nation, but sadly, I don't believe that either Barack Obama or John McCain represents that kind of change.

You're right, the USA has done some pretty rotten things. But it's also done some good ones, as well. I'm sure that I don't need to list them for someone as politically aware or astute as you are.

The misfortune of this situation is that you are a lemming of the American political left. Perhaps if you spent less time criticizing people blanketly, without any real idea of what their political leanings were and actually engaged in a constructive debate with them, you'd realize that you could do more to bring your agenda of change to fruition.

Personally, I think you're an angry flame-baiter who has nothing better to do than troll a Disney blog to antagonize people who really don't care what you have to say.

Like I said earlier, the United States has and will continue to do some pretty crappy stuff, even if the "messiah" Obama is elected, because the political machine here is too corrupt (ooh, my name again, which is a play on Honor's name [sorry, Honor!]). I'd love to have a frank discussion with you about politics, but unfortunately, this isn't an appropriate forum for it. I simply wanted to address your unsupported assumption as to my own personal political leanings, which you are very, very wrong about.

As for Honor, I think that he has no need to address his politics in this blog and I see no agenda here in regards to that. Leftists and Right wing nut jobs all pretend to "love" America on the 4th -- it's the only way to get votes.

Anonymous said...

che wa, your kind is everywhere on the web, invading every kind of online conversation, no matter what the topic, and infesting it with your foaming diatribes. You influence no-one, you inspire no-one...but you do manage to amuse quite a few of us. God Bless America.