Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disney And Rudin Get Synchronized...

Walt Disney Studios and Scott Rudin are working on a film project known as "Synchronicity" according to the Hollywood Reporter, which will be a comedy about the world of synchronized swimming(think Will Ferrell).

Scribes Marty Scott and Toni Kotite are writing the script which is being described as in the vein of "Dodgeball" or "Blades of Glory". The project has been at Disney for some while, but has been in standstill until Rudin came aboard.


Anonymous said...


Disney ought to leave this one alone.

Anonymous said...

I looooooove sychronized swimming, what's wrong with you?

It's the event I look forward to most when watching the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Kind of excited about this... ! Keep us updated.

(I love synchronized swimming, too...and Will Ferrell movies; it's a win-win.)


Anonymous said...

I think Urban Myth was joking. Sarcastic actually.