Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shanghai Secrets, Shanghai Surprise...

Six years ago on this day, the Walt Disney Company and the city of Shanghai, China sign a deal intended to bring a third Disney theme park to Asia...

A lot has happened since then. Management has changed for the better... Imagineers feel more free to work on interesting concepts... Designs are being drawn up... Agreements are being finalized...






Anonymous said...

Honor, I've read the recent Shanghai Disneyland rumors all over the Disney-fan community the past few days, but not until reading this very post of your's do I truly believe that it's coming! (A compliment to your reputation) Thanks for all the great info you share with us, keep it up.

And I know its your style to be discrete about how much info you release before official plans are revealed, but I gotta ask if there's a chance you plan on doing a piece about possible designs and themes and attraction plans for this "possible" Shanghai park? Is it really gonna be as big as they say it will be??

al lutz said...

r orly?

Corruption said...


























Honor Hunter said...













Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Well Corruption,

I've seen many things here first that Al Lutz and others never reported or didn't report until after Honor published it.

The Mickey Mouse on the Sun Wheel was first reported here and Blue Sky was referring to the new water show as Disney's World of Color while Al over at MA was still calling it Walt Disney's World of Color. There are other examples but these are the first two that come to mind.

I also have a friend that works as a CM and he told me Honor is the most reliable of all the websites he's read.

Spokker said...

Diluting the magic of the Magic Kingdom, one clone at a time.

Let's see them fix Hong Kong before they start on Shanghai.

Honor Hunter said...

Hong Kong will be getting some things of its own Spokker...

The people in charge now are different. Don't expect the same results.


Corruption said...

Honor. It doesn't annoy me. It just comes across as trite and written in the style of a teenage girl who's watching High School Musical and has Zac.





The "World of Color" thing is a semantics issue, as for example, Disney still can't seem to figure out what the name of TSM/TSMM is. And I don't really call the Mickey Wheel/Sun Wheel a scoop.

I could declare right now that Disney is going to at some point announce a Disney theme park somewhere and it will be interesting. Does that make me an insider?

Oh, and unless your "CM friend" is at a level where they are exposed to the actual decision making process, their endorsement of Honor isn't that ringing. I know CM's, too, and just because they tell me something like that doesn't mean that it's true. I sincerely doubt that Rasulo, Iger, or anyone else are sweating the "scoops" that Honor has on his site.

That said, Honor, I do enjoy your site. Just sometimes your writing is terrible. Really terrible... :(

Honor Hunter said...

Me so sory yu don't like me writing, Corupshun...

Me try betur in future.

Anonymous said...

I'll also throw in my 2-cents and defend Honor's rep. Corruption, you simply haven't been paying attention, have you? Take a look back through the archives on this sight as far as a year ago, and see how much of what Honor reported about themepark projects in the pipeline came to pass, especially regarding DCA's overhaul. He had loads of specifics before anyone else. And as for the things that have not come to pass, well, plans change don't they?

Corruption said...

Spelling and grammar are two different things, Honor.

And it's a shame that even when I've defended you or agreed with you lately, that you still resort to pedantic silliness like you just did.


I've been reading Honor's blog pretty much since it's inception, as a matter of fact, I've read every single post ever on this blog. I felt that I'd like to join the discussion when things started getting a little weird. It's almost as if the person that started this blog isn't the same person maintaining it these days. Kind of as if we had a "Walt" running it in the beginning and a "Pressler" running it now.

Maybe it's because I generally have the same knowledge that he does that I come away unimpressed. Unfortunately, I don't have the freedom he does to write about it and "leak" things.

I still feel that my request to give examples of his exclusive "firsts" has not been fulfilled.

And again, I enjoy Honor's blog, I just don't understand why my critiques are met with such oblique immaturity by him. And why my agreement is met with such disdain and disbelief.

whatisitcomingto said...

I hate commies, and so did Walt, so why are they giving the commies a park? Money, that's all that its gunna be about now. They can market things that say Disney is American as apple pie but if they keep doing things like this they will soon move corporate over there if they get enough money. Walt would be disappointed, with that and the fact that they are cloning the parks. They ruin the magic when there are so many Magic Kingdoms...