Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Fantasmic First...

Tokyo DisneySEA has released the first artwork from the Japanese version of "Fantasmic!" today...

When we first reported about the nighttime show back in October, it was confirmation of a new show that we reported back in February. Originally, the OLC was going to bring in a clone of "World of Color," but eventually decided that Disneyland's show was a better fit for their Second Gate.

Naturally there'll be differences...

New and different animation will be used, the building structures used near the Rivers of America aren't available in TDS so an entirely different structure will be used. If you notice the artwork there is a mountainous facade in the bay with the walking brooms from "Fantasia" dancing around it. An similar electronic version of Maleficent will be used and water effect will be used more across the more spacious water-filled area. It'll be interesting to see this when it debuts in April of next year.

The tenth anniversary celebration of DisneySEA will a sight to see. DCA on the other hand will be a construction site. In Tokyo they just keep expanding and here we just keep rebuilding. I'll be glad when we can start again on firm footing. Once 2012 comes around we'll be back to square one.

Right where the Tokyo Disney Resort was a decade ago...


Youzney said...

I saw somewhere that Finding Nemo was to be represented.

So this is a truely modern version of the show?

Sounds nice, shame they have to replace something to put it in though.

How was BraviSEAmo?? anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Jeez Honor, I sense a hint of cynicism. ;)

Yes, the construction is inconvenient, but at least there are improving DCA.
And yes, it is a shame that DCA was initially built on the cheap, (as opposed to Toyko DisneySEA) But hey, the management is now better and there are improving DCA now. Better late than never, as they say.

Knowing what you've said in the past, I'm sure you'd rather there be construction going on at DCA rather than no re-building at all! ;)

I'm really glad that World of Color will only be at DCA. The park really needs things that are unique to it.
And its cool that Tokyo will be getting a new version of Fantasmic.

Honor Hunter said...

Just wasn't in a good mood yesterday and took it out on DCA...

Nevertheless, DCA still deserved it.

Or at least Paul Pressler did. Where is he when I happen to have a bag of rocks in my hand???


Anonymous said...

"Or at least Paul Pressler did. Where is he when I happen to have a bag of rocks in my hand???"

Have a friend take a picture if you eve get the chance to do it.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a mini world of color. I was kind of expecting a bigger budget as well. 30m doesn't seem like much but we will see how it ends up and compares to the other fantasmics and woc.

Anonymous said...

Honor Hunter's DCA cynicism in the original post is not only valid, but it will still be a valid criticism after 2012. Where HH has it wrong is that by that time, DCA will NOT be "right where the Tokyo Disney Resort was a decade ago". Because a decade ago, TDR had a fully established 1st gate park, and opened the doors on a highly detailed, WORLD CLASS quality 2nd gate park.

By contrast, Disneyland resort's second gate was so poorly executed, (not just by Disney standards but when compared to many of their competitors' efforts as well), that the reworkings/additions/improvements that are underway will only partially address the overwhelming shortcomings that DCA still confronts its visitors with.

Come 2012 and the opening of Cars Land, much of Paradise Pier ver. 1.0 will still present it's ugly, unfriendly, unimproved self to the world. The Maliboomer will still be there, standing like a 180 ft tall representation of Paul Pressler's and Barry Braverman's erect middle finger gesture to half a century of Disney theme park legacy. Intrusive views of the outside world along the south edge of the park as well as Disney's own Paradise Pier hotel on the west edge will still leak into the visitor's consciousness.

The Arial's Grotto building will still exhibit very contemporary (i.e. not "period" and not very well executed) architectural features that don't even come close to the highly detailed structures found everywhere at TDS.

The Hollywood section will still be primarily false-front facades backed up by nothing, and populated by large empty boxes (Hollywood and Dine and Millionaire building), with a stale, decades old 3D movie as it's centerpiece. The Hyperion Theater will still be an unadorned box with an exposed outdoor queue area with exposed, metal stairs leading to its upper levels... levels that afford unhidden views of the "backstage" electrical infrastructure of Tower of Terror. The Tower of Terror outdoor queue will still be wholly unsatisfying and disappointing when compared to the original in Florida, and the building itself will still look highly stripped down and "budget" when compared to Florida's as well as Tokyo's. "Budget" in the sense, as well, that it was originally the stripped down version that was designed for the stripped down Disney Studios Park in Paris, and DCA got the only TOT that has to share it's exact look with another TOT elsewhere, other than Paris', of course, which now can claim to be an exact rip-off of DCA's look. And the bare, unadorned backside of the Animation building will still shadow over the TOT forecourt area as an example of stripped, unfinished detailing that is unheard of at TDS.

And the list goes on and on. But bottom line is, come 2012, DCA, and therefore the Disneyland Resort as a whole, will not be on an even par to where the Tokyo resort was a decade earlier. The improvements to DCA will only have been a start. A pretty good start, to be sure... but so, so much more work to be done. And whether that work (the so-called "Phase Two" developments for DCA) actually happens during DCA's SECOND decade is still a big unknown.

I'm not counting on it.

Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous... GO GET A LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

/\Excuse me, I never said that his cynicism was not valid. Where in hell did you get that idea?
I'm well aware that it was valid. I only pointed it out, because the tone was so unlike Honor.

(Another thing that is unlike Honor, is not approving comments that he doesn't agree with, which he DID do recently.)

So calm the heck down. You wrote all that for nothing.
But I hope you feel better now. You must have needed to get all that off of your chest.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I knew that the TDR would have a Fantasmic show that would blow the other Fantasmics out of the water. Making it so much bigger with all new film sure helps. I wonder if their Murphy will be 60 ft tall and have a tail:))