Friday, October 11, 2013

Star Wars: Return Of The Subtitle's Revenge...


There are so many things Star Wars fans are wondering about Episode VII...

Right now I think the most obvious question on fans mind's is what will it be called?  We had a rumor a few weeks ago that it might be "A New Dawn".  Now comes a rumor from Latino Review that George Lucas had two working titles before he sold it to the Mouse.

Return of the Sith

Rise of the Jedi

Kind of on the nose don't you think?  I mean, it would seem in line with what direction we expect the story to head, but could these really be the actual ones?  I doubt it.  It's not that some of the actual titles don't sound cheesy.  Phantom Menace?  Attack of the Clones?

To be fair, Star Wars is inspired by the old Flash Gordon serials and serials in general.  And many of these weekly chapters has corny titles.  So they might turn out to be correct.  But I wondered what other titles could be used?  What would I use? What would you title it?  Here are just a few cheesy titles I came up with.

A New Empire Rises

Dawn of the Republic

The Dark Encircling

A Galaxy in Peril

Battle for the Republic

The Chaos Factor

War of the Sith

Feel free to leave your own subtitle, it can't be any stranger than what is out there...


Anonymous said...

What about Attack of the Sith?

Commander Cody said...

Revenge of the Clones!

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Latino Review is correct. The previous chapters have had an obvious pattern in their titles. The first of each trilogy are three words long, begin with an article and refer to something looming. I feel like something along the lines of "An Uneasy Peace" would fit better.

Anonymous said...

How about:
"The Long Anticipated Return and Revenge of Sith and Jedi in a Galaxy of Peril far, far away."


Buckie Skywalker said...

STAR WARS Episode VII: The Force Unbalanced.

Franklin K. said...

To tick off old fans, but be irresistibly intriguing:
"Fall of the New Republic"
For a more Abrams-y title and nod to traditionalists:
"From the Journal of the Whills"

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking they should just sort of combine the titles of the first movies of the previous trilogies and call it "A New Menace".

Unknown said...

All I care about is the sub-sub title: Not Written by Lucas.