Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Around The Disney World...

Tis the time of year...

Ho, ho, ho...

Christmas and Disney seem to go hand in hand...

The Holiday season is my favorite time to go to Disneyland and I thought I'd take this chance to put up some commercials showing how the Mouse sells the "Disney" experience around each of its resorts. I've found it interesting seeing the interpretations of each park and how it relates to each culture. All are different, yet each have a similar theme that represents everyone and what we like and share in common.

First off, starting with the one for the park that started it all, Disneyland a couple years ago that's quite nice.

This one is supposed to be for all the Disney Parks worldwide, but is meant to sell you on going to California or Florida in reality. Still, it's nicely done and slick, but not personal.

Here is one that shows the fun that happens at the Tokyo Disneyland's "Christmas Fantasy" in this joyous time.

Then there is this one for the "Harborside Christmas" which I really miss at TDS.

This one for Tokyo DisneySEA shows exactly why it's the most beautiful them park in the world and Christmas only adds more depth to that statement.

And here is another one for this year's "Christmas Wishes" that shows why this park is the perfect Christmas present.

Here's one celebrating Christmas during the 25th anniversary of the resort that's nice.

Here's a nice, touching one that Hong Kong used to tie in the opening of IASWA with the holiday spirit.

This one was made for Hong Kong's "Sparkling Christmas" celebration a couple years ago.

Here's the one for HKDL the year before that as well.

And here is the commercial that Hong Kong Disneyland happens to be running for Christmas this year.

But my favorite is this one for the "Disney Enchanted Christmas" held at Disneyland Paris. It's not the slickest, but that song with those images seem to capture the true nature of the holidays for me.

It's a small world after all...


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since i've been to Disneyland, i remember going to Disneyland paris in 1997-1998 at least twice.

But those christmas celebrations do sound like fun.

Nice blog you have here, very well put together.

Dizzy Sea Man said...

I'd love to spend Christmas at Tokyo DisneySEA! I like the Christmas Fantasy over in TDL, but it's not as inspiring as Christmas Wishes at TDS. Still, I like Harborside Christmas better than the new theme.

Anonymous said...

Man, that Disneyland commercial with the flying ship made me tear up. Seriously, that is one of the most magical things I've ever seen.

I'm going to Disneyland!!!!

Eurodisney Hotels said...

Ooo, lovely videos!
Great to see all the different Christmas videos of all the different Disneyland's around the world!
Cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that in communist China, Disney refers to this time as "Christmas", yet in America (the land of the free) they're not allowed to call it what it is. Instead it's a "Holiday" celebration.

MintCrocodile said...

I enjoy the flying ship Christmas commercial for Disneyland. There is just something about the scene where the Toy Soldiers are marching down Main Street and all the children are just running past them to go see "it's a small world". And the scene where the Mickey kneels down to the little girl as she gives him an ornament.

Two favorite Christmas commercials that are not listed here are:
• 2008 Disneyland Christmas "pop up book" version
• 1998 TDL Christmas Fantasy commercial

Anonymous said...

I wish Disney would include that Small World flying ship song on a Christmas CD. I would totally buy it! It's so beautiful and magical.