Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Six...


So after "Frozen" comes out the Mouse moves in a very different direction...

And today at the D23 Expo guest got a tease of how different that would be with the news about "Big Hero 6".  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there this year. I have the real world pressing me so I had to make other plans. But luckily, I've seen what everyone else saw today.  And if you look around the web, you've noticed a reaction from people that have seen the clips and the concept art.  It is definitely Disney, but it is also different.

I've known about this for a while (I mean, what did you think Blue Sky meant when we said Don Hall was directing a marvelous film?), but they finally revealed the list of characters that are going to be in the film. And they're mostly from the second volume of the comic book, not the original comic. Keep in mind that these are adaptations of those characters, and they aren't exactly the same as the ones in the comics.  Don Hall wanted characters that weren't as well formed in the minds of comic book fans so that he could play with the characters more. He didn't want fans screaming at him that you didn't include this or you changed that.  So if you've read the comic, you'll enjoy the movie, but it will not exactly be the same.

Here are the list of characters in the film.  For those that know, and don't know:

Hiro Hamada  - Based on the comic character Hiro Takachiho, a brilliant teen with computer skills far beyond his age.

Baymax - The character is basically the same as the comic, he's almost like a robotic best friend, and is largely like the character in the comic, slightly Disneyfied.

Go Go - Known in the comic as GoGo Tomago, she is the bad girl of the group; the one with attitude and reflecting as an outsider in the group.  In the film she's a bike messenger.

Wasabi No Ginger - An assassin chef that is an expert knife thrower, think Bullseye if he were a cook.

Honey Lemon - She is the possible love interest for Hiro in the film, a chemist that he has a slight crush on.

Fred - Known in the comic as Fredzilla, he has the ability to transform into monstrous creature, thus explaining the name.  In the film he is a comic book geek.

A little note, if you watched the atmosphere teaser that came out a while ago, if you look inside the trolley going down the streets you can see Hiro's inside.  Just a little detail that you didn't know and might like.

And just wait until you see the first trailer…

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