Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bird Watching...

So those rumors of J.J. Abrams leaving "Episode VII" circling about...

Alan Horn put an end to them at D23 Expo 2013 yesterday, unless he's not in the loop with the director.  Which I have to say is unlikely.  So, with JJ moving full steam ahead directing the latest episode, one has to wonder if they are moving ahead planning for who will direct the next one.  It is unlikely that Abrams will direct the rest of the series as it will keep him occupied for the rest of the decade were he to do so.  As much as a fan as he is, I don't expect him to want to be tied exclusively to nothing but Star Wars for that long a time.  I mean, look at what it has done to George.

So the question becomes who will direct Episode VIII?  My response would be the person I wanted to direct Episode VII.

Brad Bird.

Now I know it's early, but Kathleen Kennedy isn't going to want to wait too long before looking ahead to who will helm the franchise after the next film.  Unlike the original trilogy, or even the Prequel's where there were three years between each film, this new one will have a film out every other year.  This will mean that by the time EP7 is in post, they will have to be preparing the next film already.  Not long after the film is released they will be very close to starting production on the next one.  That is how tight the schedule will be.

And many like myself were hoping that Bird would get the nod, but as he has talked about in interviews, the director is too busy with his current project: "Tomorrowland".  That film comes out next year, and he will just so happen to be looking for his next project.  Hello luck, meet opportunity.  I hope that Horn and Kennedy are being proactive and focusing on the great chance they have here.  He's ripe for the picking.  Imagine the continuation of the new trilogy under his command?

It could be "The Empire Strikes Back" of this Postquel...

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