Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer Reading 2...

Ever wonder what 2 billion dollars worth of theme park looks like?

With all the talk about DCA and it's billion dollar expansion/makeover I figured there might be a good number of you that had never really seen a lot of pictures of Tokyo DisneySea. It's funny, the official site ran by the Oriental Land Company is kind of cluttered and not really a great place to go if you want to see or read about the Tokyo Disney Resort.

If you do want to get a better perspective and see why so many people are disappointed with what Anaheim got, then go check out "Chris's Tokyo Disney Resort Fan Site." It's a fantastic site... there are a great deal of wonderful photographs and good descriptions of the park in general. It focuses on the entire park including Tokyo Disneyland, the Hotels and Ikspiari, which is TDR's version of Downtown Disney. If you just want to see Tokyo DisneySea then click here. But I'd highly recommend you check out Chris' entire sight. Seeing TDS you get a variation of what we were supposed to get with Port Disney in the early 90's.

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