Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Much Is A Lamp Worth?

Variety has a nice article about Bob Iger from a Q & A had in New York where Disney's CEO discusses the purchase of Pixar and how it's benefited the Mouse.

A clue:

He has no regrets and believes the price was a value.

Come the end of summer when the box office receipts for "Wall-E" come in he may realize it was a bargain... and Steve Jobs may be kicking himself thinking he didn't ask enough for Luxo!


Anonymous said...

What are you? A Disney website or a Pixar one? All I seem to find on here are you talking about how great Pixar is or the Muppets or Apple or Indiana Jones. Report something that has to do with Disney or just change your site's name!

Anonymous said...

Pixar is Disney now.

imtigger said...

Bob Iger is the best thing to happen to the Disney Company since Walt Disney and Michael Eisner. Oh, wait, that's everyone... ;)

It's undeniable what Walt brought to his own company, and Eisner saved a broken company from a state of disrepair (I truly believe that).. and now Iger seems to be making ALL the right moves.

In fact, in one of his 1st big deals, he got the rights to Oswald back! Wow! I was an INSTANT FAN when I heard that. Let's just hope that Mr. Iger stays on his path to doing what's right for the often overlooked theme parks divisions, and of course repairing the Animation Dept. that Eisner tore apart on his way out.