Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Biiiiiiiiiiiiiillion Dollars!

That's how much Bob Iger thinks the Mouse will generate from online content this year. And he expects it to grow more and more each year.

Speaking of more... More info fallout from last weeks meeting in Albuquerque.

The new media...

Bob Iger really seems to get this Web 2.0 stuff. He seems to be moving forward with a much more proactive development plan than other big media companies right now. Here's wishing for his success...

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imtigger said...

A "little" off-topic...

Hunter, what 'cut out' program do you use? Are you using Photoshop, Corel Knockout? Paper and Scissors?? ;)

Thanks! Great Blog! :) Oh, and your fav movies and song lists reads almost exactly like mine. Cool and creapy! Best concerts EVER: U2 (US Festival, Elevation), Peter Gabriel and Peter Murphy. Currently watching: Young Indiana Jones on DVD (LOVE 'EM!!) .. and I'm definately an 80's music fan. :)

Take care!

Dan B
Carlsbad, CA