Sunday, July 29, 2007

D'oh! Lucky Number Seven...

Homer ruled the box office this weekend.

"The Simpson's Movie" came in at number 1 with just under $72 million here in America. The film's international gross was over $112 million. That's a whole lot of Butterfingers for Bart. The Simpson's keep this up and they'll be richer than Mr. Burns before too long.

"Chuck and Larry" get moved down to number 2 with a $71 million total since last week. That Wizard from Hogwarts stays in third place with around $17 million for almost $242 million in the states. Michael Bay's love-fest to the Summer Box Office, the "Transformers" stays at 5th place with $285 million at home and $192 abroad for a $477 million total.

Remy held on to the number 7 with a domestic total of a little under $180 million. It's still chugging along with over 2 million a day on the weekends. The foreign take at Box Office Mojo is around $37 million, but that figure hasn't been updated yet for this weeks numbers. Many of the release dates for "Ratatouille" are mid August through October so there are many countries yet to add to the final gross. Let's hope the bootlegs aren't flooding too many of these markets.

Just remember, all domestic takes are accurate up to the 29th of July, but the international tallies won't be updated till tomorrow.

We're deep into the second half of summer with only a handful of movies still to be released.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, in fact the Simpsons movie has been released almost in every country internationally on july 27, and even some, like in France, on july 25...

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why we in Europe have to wait so long for Rat, nowadays you can learn from the internet which movies are coming up, see the trailers, read and write comments and then? You have to wait three, four friggin months to see the movie!
I am willing to pay for seeing a movie at the theaters, I really love that, but I want to see it on my terms: when I want it. After having read so much about it, and you know it has already been released, you are just too tempted to go for a bootleg on dvd. Sorry Pixar and Disney, but I really don't want to understand your distribution policy.