Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paris, The Happiest Place On Earth?

Euro Disney SCA, the company that runs the Disneyland Paris Resort(of which Disney owns 39 percent) released its third quarter revenue figures today.

Good news.

Revenue rose 322 million euros or 12 percent.

Theme park revenues were up 8 percent.

Hotels and Disney Village profits increased 21 percent.

The occupancy rate went up 4.7 percent.

Well this will certainly be good news for those Imagineers that are staring over those plans for expansion of the Resort, won't it. Oops... did I say thatt?

Good news, none the less...


Anonymous said...

At least you could have used the actual Disneyland RESORT Paris logo...

Anonymous said...

Time for a DLP update!

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

I could not be happier with the way the year is going at DLRP. They deserve it after a good start to the year with their 15th.

Sure this wont fix their money problems, its going to take years and years. But at least it shows confidence among the visitors, which is always a good sign.

Does this mean we can actually look forward to them fixing the WDS studios and adding a new E-ticket to the DL Park...something like Splash?? Ok, not Splash but something just as big!?

Anonymous said...