Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Forget. After You See It... Go Again...

Remember the "Summer of Mysteries" we mentioned earlier this month and in one of our last BSA's...

After you see the film this weekend, don't forget to go check out the little touches that the Mouse has put together for your "Indy Love".


TChris said...

I thought that the movie was great! I think I would have even enjoyed it just as much if it had been the first...or only Indy movie ever.

The jungle chase alone is worth the price of admission.


I was sitting next to one of the DL Indies at lunch the other day. He is very excited to see how the Guests will react to what they have planned this Summer.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Indy enhancements at Disneyland the last couple of days.

I was a bit worried about the "events" around Adventureland, but it looks like they handled it well...

There are three different scenes, each using 2 stunt men, and they only last about 1 minute each, so they don't really clog up the pathway for that long. (And Adventureland can get pretty congested prior to the Indy additions).

The one drawback, it requires Tarzan Treehouse to close down. I know it isn't the most popular attraction, but still, too bad they couldn't find another location.

The "stage" show is basically another kid friendly show, similar to the former Aladdin Storytelling event. Two actors are used, a female for the first part of the show, then "Indy" shows up for the second half. (This is done on purpose, as Indy goes and performs the three street scenes shortly after the show ends, so keeping him out of the first part of the show allows I don't recommend it for just adults, but if you have kids, it is a fun experience.

The Jungle Cruise is pretty much the same old Jungle Cruise, a couple of jokes have been altered to feature Indiana Jones, and 4 items have been "hidden" in the Jungle Cruise, so folks can try and find them.

The Photo Op is pretty cheesy, and the "quest" to find the six clues to get some wallpaper images on-line is fairly easy.

I wouldn't spend $66 to just see the new stuff, but it works fairly well as a minor enhancement.

Spokker said...

"I wouldn't spend $66 to just see the new stuff"

And this is precisely what's wrong with Disneyland these days.

Far too many cheap additions, makeovers and "upgrades" designed to lure the hundreds of thousands of annual passholders to the park whose lowered expectations mean a less creative, less stimulating Disneyland for everyone.