Monday, November 10, 2008

Everything You've Heard Is True/False...

Yes, I've seen it.

It's as good as I had hoped. Possibly a bit better. It's got that unmistakable Lasseter fingerprint. There's more heart in this film than the entire last decade of Disney animation. As expected, I loved Rhino, but was genuinely surprised to find Mittens such a charmingly, touching character. All in all, a very good start to John's new gig. I'll try and have a full review up next week, but I'm going to be a little busy this week in the real world.

There's a future for the Mouse in animation... who'd a thunk?


Anonymous said...

That's awesome to hear Honor!

I'm really looking forward to Bolt.
I know that its opening next week, but that's not soon enough for me!
After seeing all of those clips, trailers and tv spots that Disney has shown, I can hardly wait any longer!
I'm just itching to see the entire film and see how the whole story plays out.

As you would say Honor; "Let it begin!" :)

Matt said...

I would have thought that a Blue Sky article about Honor seeing Bolt would be reminiscent of Arthur finding the Holy Grail. Then again, the same would have been said about Desmond and Penny from LOST.

Congrats on the early screen and I just can't wait until I see it myself.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Bolt in 3D. I'm going to take my daughter and probably a friend of hers to go see Bolt sometime in December. In 3D! I can't wait. Yay, Disney!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arrrgh! When does this come out in the UK? Anyone? Anyone?

(btw. nice to know you enjoyed it, sounds better and better all the time.)

Anonymous said...

It comes out in the UK in February.

Anonymous said...


sorry for shouting... *sniff*

Anonymous said...