Monday, November 24, 2008

When Is Adventureland Not?

When it's a film released by the Disney's Miramax division, that's when...

The arthouse room of the Mouse House has released this poster for "Adventureland". Very retro 70's. Could be interesting, I'll go put on my pair of bell-bottom jeans and give it a try...

Hat Tip to IMP Awards.

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Anonymous said...

Looks OK, I just wish they hadn't used the word "Adventureland".
In the film it's the name of a cheap carnival amusement park, but for over 50 years it has been the name of one of the quadrants of Disneyland. The trouble is, the original place used the name to conjure up a feeling of exotic faraway places, which is a net positive, in the movie it is used ironically, and is obviously a negative, so typical of our modern way of thinking.
Too bad.