Friday, May 28, 2010

MARVELous Opportunities...

Lot of Super Hero news coming in...

Wow, it seems the Suits are obsessed with Suits, doesn't it? I mean, so many films that are based on super-hero/comic book properties are in active development right now. You can't walk down a studio walkway without tripping over something/somebody that is involved in some form of these super powered ideas.

First with the Mouse/Marvel:

Twentieth Century Fox casts James McAvoy to play the young Professor Xavier in Matthew Vaughn's "X-Men: First Class."

Brian K. Vaughan's "Runaways," is moving forward with Drew Pearce being hired to pen the first draft of the script for director Peter Sollett.

Then there's casting news from "Captain America," where we finally get some form of semi-confirmation about Tommy Lee Jones playing General Chester Philips, the man responsible for picking Steve Rogers and turning him into Mr. Red, White and Blue.

Then there's the DC News:

A "Green Lantern" animated series is coming to Cartoon Network. This cable channel is essentially becoming the "DC" channel, while DisneyXD is becoming the "Marvel Channel." Again, in my opinion all the more reason that Lucas should move "The Clone Wars" series over to a name it's more associated with.

As well as "Batman 3" coming out in July,20th 2012, there is news that the Suits at Warner want to have Christmas 2012 to be occupied by the "Man of Steel."

Then there is news that a "Flash" film is closer to being greenlit, sadly without the perfect person to play that character, Ryan Reynolds.

Also, projects like "Aquaman" and "Wonder Woman" sound as though they are closer to coming to the silver screen as well.

And other Comics Related News:

It looks like Michael Bay will have his influence on the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," via his Platinum Dunes production shingle.

The signs for more of these films looks like it's going to continue and not turn out to be a fad that slowly disappears. So brace yourself for a big, muscled man to emerge from a phone booth near you soon, somewhere, everywhere.

Up, up and away...


Doug said...

Reynolds is perfect for Walley West. With Geoff Johns being the point man for the new movies, I expect that Barry Allen will be used.

Rodan said...

And then the movie market will be so overstuffed with superhero movies that mainstream moviegoers will get sick of them. The box office numbers will start to drop at some point because of it and the genre of the moment will then change to something else.

Doopey said...

"Again, in my opinion all the more reason that Lucas should move "The Clone Wars" series over to a name it's more associated with."

Honor- I'm thinking Lucas went to Turner/Cartoon Network because they offered him the best deal. If Disney really wanted it, they could have had it. Apparently they didn't want to meet George's terms (but then they spent over $4 billion on Marvel because they have a "boy problem"). In other words, it's Disney's fault that they don't have Clone Wars, not Lucas'.

Jeremiah Arkham said...

Looks like Honor is too busy playing Arkham Asylum again to post any real stories on Bluesky.

hannah said...

I'm still waiting for my Teen Titans movie