Thursday, January 8, 2009

When I Dream...

Ok, I thought I'd step back for a second...

I don't want to seem like I'm rooting for the remake/prequel of 20K to fail, because I wouldn't want that. And as I mentioned here and the last post, it isn't a sequel or remake so much as an original tale about what led up to the book/film. So it could be good, it might be great. But I just am not a big fan of McG because he seems to be Michael Bay without the substance... and if you know where I'm coming from then you understand that statement. If you don't understand it, then may I suggest a quick course in Geek 101. I've heard he's toned the flash down for his new "Terminator Salvation" film and I'll reserve judgement on that film till I've seen it. I just don't want the visuals to overwhelm the story and if he decides to make a slick, fast cutting, edgy version of the Jules Verne classic I'll hate it. I pray he's got a great script from which to work and I hope he adheres to it.

After posting about it last night, I got to thinking. What Disney movies would I like to see? I mean, I've posted about what movies have been made that could/should have been Disney films, but...

What films haven't been made that I'd like to see? And by that, I divided them up in three categories. Remakes/Sequels/Adaptions.

So here are my "Dream Disney Films."


The Black Hole - remake directed by Danny Boyle and written by John Hodge, Simon Beaufoy and Alex Garland.

Davy Crockett - reinterpretation written and directed by Michael Mann starring Russell Crowe.

The Island at the Top of the World - remake written by John Logan and directed by Ridley Scott.

The Gremlins - live-action adaption of the Roald Dahl story done for Walt in the 40's.

Dungeons & Dragons - a more faithful remake than the horrible adaptions that have been done by other studios that don't know what to do with this property. And I'd get an excellent screenwriter and director for it. My choice would be Joss Whedon.

The Haunted Mansion
- an actual "good" version of this attraction. Specifically, the one based on the idea Terry Rossio wanted to do and while we're at it, get Gore Verbinski to direct it as well. The tone of his "The Ring" would be perfect...


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - an actual sequel to the classic Disney film written and directed by Brad Bird.

Roger Rabbit - a sequel to the 1988 film, not necessarily the one that was supposed to star Tom Cruise, but one that continues the adventures of that crazy rabbit directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Michael Chabon.

Mary Poppins - a sequel, not a reimagined or prequel. There's been talk going around that Disney wanted to do something with this and although I know many would be opposed to this, I have no problem "if" it's done right because it's based on a series of books, not just one story. But that said, it's a big IF...

Star Wars - it goes without saying that I'd like to see any Star Wars film with the Disney logo in front of it. Just not by Lucas... let a new breed work in his world. My choice, Peter Jackson on Dark Forces, Zach Synder on Knights of the Old Republic or David Fincher on Episode Seven, ect.


The Chronicles of Prydain
- a faithful adaption of the books "The Black Cauldron" was based upon. Perhaps the one that Guillermo del Toro had been in talks with the Mouse about doing?

The Thief of Always - an adaption of Clive Barker's "The Thief of Always" directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, they seem to work much better together than apart... This would be a great family film.

Ender's Game - an adaption of the great book by Orson Scott Card written and directed by James Cameron.

Huckleberry Finn - an adaption of Mark Twain's pentacle of storytelling directed by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by David Mamet and David Koepp.

The Graveyard Book - a film version of Neil Gaiman's mesmerising book with a screenplay by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary to be directed by Tim Burton.

Where the Sidewalk Ends - a live-action adaption of Shel Silverstein's classic children's story directed by Kevin Lima.

The Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes - a hand-drawn animated film version of Bill Watterson's award winning cartoon strip. I'll let Lasseter pic whoever he wants for this, but I'd have Watterson write the script and Chris Williams direct it... the funny pages in the papers have been bland ever since it ended. And I know he wouldn't let anyone adapt his work, but hey, it's my wish list.

Artemis Fowl - an adaption of Eoin Colfer's classic book series. Never read it? Think of it in the authors own words: "Die Hard with Fairies." Could be the Harry Potter franchise that Disney's been looking for, although it's more like "Sinister Johnny Quest meets magic" to me...

- I've always thought an animated version of Hiawatha the Native American myth would make a great adaption. Kind of like an American Indian version of Disney's Hercules film.

And this is just what I've come up with off the top of my head... so there you go Disney. Take from it if you will. Of course, if you need any help in making them then give my agent a call...

I work for a wee bit less that McG.


Anonymous said...

i heard that disney is considering doing a chronicles of prydain live-action film...

Thomas Phillip said...

I agree whole heartily on every suggestion except Calvin and Hobbes. Solely because Bill Watterson was adamant against merchandising and doubt that he would perceive an animated film to be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Are you not happy with the Disney "Huckleberry Finn" movie starring Elijah Wood?

There have been rumors for a while about a live-action Prydain film...I'll believe it when I see it. TBC is my favorite Disney animated film, so a huge part of me doesn't want a live-action film of it...but then again, I haven't read the books, and I know that there is so much more material than what ended up in TBC.

I can't really see Disney making another "Mary Poppins" film. I know that it's based off of a series of books, but MP is such a classic...would people be accepting of a non-Julie Andrews Mary Poppins?

Anonymous said...

"And I know he wouldn't let anyone adapt his work, but hey, it's my wish list."

Sounds like he already knows Watterson doesn't want any film about Calvin, Dusty.

But I agree with Honor. It'd be great to see the character again.

Colt and Maggie said...

I like all of these and would really like to see a good version of the Haunted Mansion. I would also like to see a remake of the The Swamp Fox, and a new series of True Life Adventures akin to the BBC's Planet Earth.


Anonymous said...

Disneynature is doing a film about the Earth, like the BBC program.

Check out their website for details.

Capt. Tomorrow said...

Not a remake, sequel, or adaptation, but how about getting that hand-drawn Don Quixote project off the ground that's been haunting the Disney studios for decades?

Colt and Maggie said...

Good to know I was hoping they would jump on that band wagon. Animated Don Quixote would be great. I hope that Rapunzel is successful and gets Disney back to doing classic story lines for fairy tales and other great literary sources.


Paultje said...


I would like disney to do some more animated fairy tales.
We have enough here in Europe, I would love to see the Lady of the lake by Godfried Bomans, a dutch writer.
Or a fairy tale by the swedish Anna Swan.

Or finally The snowwitch by HC Andersen

ps Ive been reading ur blog for 2 years now but this is my first comment. How strange am I?

Anonymous said...

They are doing Don Quixote through their Pixar division.

I believe it's called "Up."

V.M.L. said...

YES!!!! I'M GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS A HAUNTED MANSION REMAKE!!!! I love the ride and I loved the concept of a movie version of it, but the film ended up being crap. It was too kiddish. (What a waste of good scenery!) I was expecting more.

If there was a movie version of PHANTOM MANOR, that would be interesting!

Scott said...

Remember THE GREAT BRAIN books by John D. Fitzgerald? I'd love to see them adapted to the screen. Wouldn't be a big project, could even be made-for-TV or something like that. I've heard there was one starring Jimmy Osmond back in the old days, but that it was not good. They're great stories. I think a cool movie or series could be made from them.

Anonymous said...

Up is nothing like Don Quixote...I have seen the first hour. Amazing, but definitely not Don Quixote. I'm excited taht John Carter is finally getting his adaptation...that would have topped my list. I would like to see Disney adapt Dick Tracy directed by Brad Bird or Peter and the Starcatchers directed by Alfonso Cuaron since that series was amazing. Other than that, I'm waiting on a Scarecrow of Romney Marsh update for Burton.

Anonymous said...

As far as Mary Poppins goes, they have a relationship with the Actress who should play her. It's Anne Hathaway. She did a sketch on SNL as Mary Poppins that was very funny on one hand but all I could think about is that she is Mary Poppins. She had the look, the voice and she can sing.

Joe Shelby said...

Actually, I'd see Waterson more supporting an animated film than trying to get live-action to fit that fantasy world that he envisioned. It's like live-action Peanuts or Doonesbury: neither really worked for me, where-as the animated ones were fine.

However, I agree that his desire to minimize merchandise would be a hindrance, since that makes up a sizable amount of a film's gross.

Don Quihote - I'd rather Terry Gilliam (with Johnny Depp) get back to that project "lost" a few years ago. Supposedly, they are.

Speaking of Gilliam, I'd rather see him do Sidewalk Ends. I think his visual style and ability to play with the child-perspective in cinematography (Time Bandits, Munchausen) would work better.

Anonymous said...

Someone should put you in charge of production at Disney, Honor.

Anonymous said...

I beleive Ender and Artemis are in development. I'm not 100% sure though.

What was Terry's idea for the mansion? I have never heard about it before. Personally I would maybe let Mr. Burton work on that, I beleive that is something that is very close to him and his ability to combine the macabre and the humorous is just what, well I believe anyway, it would need.
Or just make Phantom Manor, that could be very good.

Scott said...

Re: Ender's Game. I want to say that it's been "in development" for so many years now that I wonder what meaning that has. I've been reading about the movie version on Card's website almost since I remember finding the web...

applejack said...

i'd love to see disney do Brian Jacques' Redwall series. also Dinotopia could be amazing if done right. i know both have been animated already, but they were crappy straight to video versions. and both offer the potential for further sequels which should also be appealing to the mouse.

linklewtt said...

What was Terry Rossio's idea for a Haunted Mansion movie?

Acme Girl said...

Some of those have potential, but I have a couple of ideas to add to your remake list:

1. Xanadu - I'd love to see this 1980 film with the muses from Disney's "Hercules". Sure, there's only five of them instead of nine, but hey, I like these muses better. I'm thinking of having Monique Coleman from "High School Musical" as Kira (a.k.a. the muse, Terpsichore), Orlando Bloom from "That's So Raven" as Sonny Malone, and the fantastically talented Nathan Lane as Danny McGuire. Of course, I want this remake to be less of a parody and more an adaptation toward the original film.

2. Babes in Toyland - It would be cool to see this remake of the 1961 version as a "Mickey Mouse" movie. With Mickey and Minnie in the lead roles of Tom and Mary, respectively; and Pete, ever the villain, playing the role of the crooked man, Barnaby, of course. I also plan to bring J. Worthingthon Foulfellow and Gideon from Disney's "Pinocchio" as, respectively, Gonzorgo and Roderigo. Other characters would be Donald Duck as Jack Be Nimble; Daisy Duck as Bo Peep (inspired by her dressing up as Bo Peep in some episodes of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"); Goofy as Simple Simon; Huey, Dewey, and Louie as, respectively, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod; Scrooge McDuck as the Toy Maker; and Professor Ludwig von Drake as Grumio.

These are just my opinions. You may agree or disagree with my choices, but I think these would make nice Disney remakes. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Anonymous said...

I think Ridley Scott should be a good choice for Ender's Game or because his previous works adapting novels to films and working with children Alfonso Cuaron could be terrific.

And Don't forget Paul Verhoveen (Should I mention Starship Troopers).

Acme Girl said...

Sorry. I made a mistake in my previous comment. I meant to say Orlando BROWN, not BLOOM. Slight typo, mind wandering, whatever. I managed to fix this mistake in a previous post on my blog:
You might want to fix the link when you copy and paste to read the post. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my minor blunder. Again, sorry about that.