Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A "Monster" Of An Attraction...

Today not only is the Tokyo Disney Resort celebrating 26 years of dreams, wonders and magic, but it also officially opens the new Monsters Inc. attraction "Ride and Go Seek" at the original TDL.

The attraction is another amazingly detailed experience that is not to be missed if you wind spending a day there.

While not as quite as good as "Pooh's Hunny Hunt," the attraction is another stunning example of what happens when bean counters get out of the way of an idea. It's a solid D+ Ticket and a welcome addition to an already fantastic park.

Although not in English, the story is easy enough to follow for those that have seen the original film. It's a display of creativity that is unmatched in most other parks and just about every attraction. If the OLC keeps adding these kind of attractions it's going to overshadow the original park more than the ever growing presence of the incredible TDS. So again, if you're planning on standing in line...



Anonymous said...

The attraction does indeed look amazing.

Its a real shame that DCA's is not as advanced. (Though I think that its still a good C-ticket, and better than Superstar Limo)

But for me, watching a video of "Ride and go Seek" just makes me excited about the possibilities of DCA's Little Mermaid ride and Carsland.

Kevin Bruehl said...

This attraction looks amazing! I still can't believe they actually built the factory from the movie. I need to get over there to see it. Our version is okay, yeah, definetly better than Superstar Limo. I told my dad Disney's CA Adventure is kind of like Florida's Hollywood Studios, but that's not the case. Disney's CA Adventure only has a few good attractions. We need a bold new one, like Ride and Go Seek, or another PIXAR based attraction. I can't wait till they build Carsland too, the possibility of a Test Track type ride is pretty cool. What we actually need is a new attraction or somethign from Orlando, maybe Expedition Everest, or some better copy from a ride from Paris or Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Carsland can't get here fast enough for me.

I love the fact that they are actually recreating the town of Radiator Springs from the movie, complete with those beautiful mountains.