Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Forward...

I meant to put this up last week but computer problems put it on the back burner...

The 2009 DisneySEA Spring Carnival is going on right now at the Tokyo Disney Resort. If you attend the DisneySEA theme park you'll get to see some incredibly beautiful garden decorations, entertaining shows and scenery that makes an already pretty park even prettier, if that's possible. Here are a few links:

If you'd like to check out more, here's the TDR official website for it... HERE.

Here's a Japanese commercial for it that's playing on television right now... HERE.

Someone shot a video while walking around the TDS park showing you some of the sights and atmosphere you'd find... HERE.

This is an example of the stage show that goes on in the Mediterranean Harbor, but the video doesn't do seeing it live... HERE.



I also wish to add if you want to know even more about the Tokyo Disney Resort then check out Joe's Joe In Japan website(appropriate name, don't you think?). Here are his Spring Carnival links... HERE and HERE and his YouTube channel HERE.

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JoeInJpn said...

Cool update Honor. I have pictures of the festivities on my site as well: and video available on YouTube of the "Fairies Primavera" show: Enjoy!