Friday, April 2, 2010

Ten In 10...

Ten, nine, eight, seven...

We're already in spring and almost a third of the way through a new year...

Life steals time so quickly, doesn't it? I thought we'd take the opportunity to look at some of the films coming out over the rest of the year. Here, in alphabetical order are the top ten films I'm most looking forward to seeing in a darkened theater with a big bucket of popcorn. And for good measure, I've thrown in several other films that I'm excited to see that just missed the cut or are just interesting stories that couldn't fit in between One and Ten.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - The last of the Harry Potter series comes out this year (in two parts) and I'm looking forward to the final batter between the young wizard and he who should not be named. I think Warner has handled this franchise very carefully and created one of the most interesting and iconic series in filmdom.

Inception - Christopher Nolan's new mystery project is high on my list because it's Nolan. He's a brilliant film maker and always gives audiences a reason to buy a ticket, even if we don't know what it's for. Plus, knowing that he's finished with this means he has moved on to another Batman film!

Iron Man 2 - The further adventures of Tony Stark are something I look forward to seeing primarily because of Downey Jr. who is simply inspired casting for the part. I know that someday, another actor will be beneath that metal exterior but I can't imagine them being as good as he is. Sadly, those films will fall under Disney's control of the character.

Kick-Ass - This is a film that I think is going to be a sleeping blockbuster. Most people have never heard of it, but I think when it's all done, this film will be the "300" of 2010. It's got great buzz and a great cast and a geek lovin' cast and crew that have pulled together a non-studio superhero film that is as close to the comic as you can get. And Chloe is going to be the next Dakota Fanning once this is out.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - I know, video game adaptations haven't exactly been something you would compare to "The Lord of the Rings" adaptation, but that could change. This one just made it on to the list. But there were a couple I might have wanted to see more, so it got almost got bumped to a proverbial eleventh slot. I'm still hoping it turns out great. It looks slick, almost too slick, but I hope it's as entertaining as "Pirates" because I know the Suits are hoping it will as well.

The Rum Diary - How can you not like something that combines Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson? If there is any character that Depp seems to meld with as much as Jack Sparrow it's Thompson himself... or at least a variation of him in this semi-autobiographical one.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World - This is going to be another sleeper I believe. Based on the five volume comic book series (the fifth one will be out this year), this quirky little adventure/romance will tell the story of Scott, his band and the many loves and loses of his short life. I expect a fun time for sure watching this film as the trailer seems to be very faithful to the graphic novels.

Tangled - No matter what it's called, I expect Disney's next fairy tale to be a very fun film. And a very beautiful one as well. From what I've heard it looks simply stunning. And although there have been troubles, from what I hear the story has come together in a much more cohesive narrative than the early drafts that Keane turned in. I can't wait to see an actual trailer, not the rough, temp bootleg that was leaked on the net a month or so ago. Yes, the tone is edgy, but interior of this film will be all heart.

Toy Story 3 - The swan song of the first computer animated film. The closing chapter of Woody and Buzz. How could I not want to see this? The film that put Pixar on the map puts the period at the end of this sentence and does so with amazing class and depth. I'm there even though the series won't go to infinity and beyond.

Tron Legacy - A sequel twenty-eight years in the making. I'm very excited about seeing this, more so than the original even. I'm crossing my fingers that the script is as good as the graphics/scenes that I've seen. I can't wait to see what develops before and after this film. Without saying much, there are a lot of possibilities that could turn this into the hit Ron Miller and Co. thought it would be back in 1982. Who would have thought he was such a forward thinking genius?

There are several others that are worth of a ticket being bought by Honor Hunter and the crew here at Blue Sky Disney. So I present several previews of tickets I plan on buying.

Ten Honorable Mentions:

The A-Team
- The first trailer was "Meh" to me. Too close to the show and not near enough of a reason to sit down and watch it. But this new trailer shows the insane action and fun that this could turn out to be. I pity the fool who doesn't go to see it.

The Beaver - Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster's reuniting for this dark comedy about a man who has his life fall apart and then starts to slowly build it back up with the help of a puppet on his hand is a must see. One of the screenplays that graced Hollywood's Black List, we'll see this year if it deserved the high place on that exclusive list last year.

The Expendables - Everything I've seen about this film looks like a throwback to the glorious 80's action films. And I mean that as a compliment. If you saw Stallone's "John Rambo" film a couple of years ago, you'll notice that the man can direct a good action film. I don't really even think he needs to be in front of the camera. But this looks like a great night out at the cinema.

Jonah Hex - I hope that this adaption of the scarred and tragic bounty hunter is as macabre and fun as some of the comics can be and have been. Casting Josh Brolin is a great choice and if they've gotten the character right I look forward to Hex going after many a wanted man.

Let Me In - I look forward to seeing what they did with this adaptation of the Swedish film "Let The Right One In," based on the best selling Swedish novel. The original was a haunting portrayal of vampire adolescence. I don't usually think these kind of films need to be remade, and I'm still unsure if this will be as good, but I'm willing to hope they didn't screw up a great film by simply making it in English.

The Losers - I really don't know much about this comic. I mean, it's a story that's been played out a thousand times on screen and page, but it appears well crafted, slick and has a cast that's easy on the eyes. The only Loser comic I remember is that WW2 one that I always saw the covers to but never quite had the energy to turn the page. Still it didn't have Zoe Saldana in it. The director of it, Sylvain White, is someone to watch since he's attached to direct a comic property I've loved since childhood: "Frank Miller's Ronin." Hopefully, this will be a great popcorn flick instead of a theft of two hours of my time.

Predators - This looks like it's the film that "Predators 2" should have been... but with Arnold, of course. I used to have the actual script to this and now that it's coming out I wonder how much has changed, but I'm not willing to look at it. I want to be surprised when I watch this later this year. Perhaps they'll get it right and show the Suits at Fox how badly they screwed up a franchise and why they should have never made those horrid, horrid "Aliens vs Predator" films.

Red - Another Bruce Willis actioner, but it's based on an insane comic about a former black-ops agent who has gone into retirement, forced back into action when a high-tech assassin him and his family. Never heard that one before, eh? But the comic is actually quite fun and if they can capture it on film then it should be lots of testosterone fun.

Solomon Kane - The adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard's non-Conan heroes looks friken cool. I love it and it seems that the picture takes a faithful, yet new interpretation of the classic, Puritan avenger. I'm there, if they ever announce a release date.

The Social Network - David Fincher's take on the creation of Facebook based on the adaptation of the book, "The Accidental Billionaires." Sorkin writes great material and with Fincher heading up the film, I expect it to be a compelling drama worthy of the price of admission.


Jtsalien said...

Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 are at the top of my list for sure. I love the first movies in both series and I can't wait to see more. Kick-ass also looks like one hell of a super hero movie. It will be interesting to see what a comic film will look like without studio interference. Not being an 80s kid, I'm not as excited for Tron Legacy, but I'm still definitely going to see it. Finally, the Expendables looks like an action movie orgy. Seems like a must see for a no holds bared kick ass movie.

-Joe Stitt

jeffk said...

HH, you're one off on your Scott Pilgrim volumes - the sixth (and final) one, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, comes out this year. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

So... no hope for Last Airbender?

Yes, I know it's M Night. But this isn't an original story. I feel M Night is a better director than original writer, so it's got possibilities. He got hooked on the Nick series because of his kids. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

I'd love to see M Night turn his slump around and return to the level of filmmaking which made Sixth Sense such a treat.

Taranaich said...

Solomon Kane isn't really very faithful, in that the origin story the writers concocted directly contradicts Howard's. It's pretty much a reimagining masquerading as being "faithful."

Anonymous said...

Not too keen on a lot of those films.

"TRON Legacy" arrives more then a decade too late to matter. Why not rename it "Flynn Legacy" and bring some truth back to advertising?

I liked the "Harry Potter" franchise back when it was called "Star Wars."

Won't see "Iron Man 2" out of respect for the fact that they kicked out one of the cast members from IM1 once Iron Man became a hit. "Sorry, you must be this popular to continue being in a successful franchise." And Hollywood always wonders why it's hated so.

I don't care what it's called ("Tangled," "Rapunzel," etc.), Disney has to stop the "Disney Princess" 2D animation train. Yes, it's a bajillion-dollar industry but why expect anyone other then parents and their 8-year old daughters to sit through a 80-minute G-rated animated romance novel?

"Toy Story 3" - I don't understand the love for Toy Story 2 as it didn't bring anything essentially new to the Toy Story mythos (It's like Terminator 2 - Same Story, Better Budget) so I'm not too positive with Pixar triple-dipping this concept. I liked Pixar back when they took Disney's comment that "You can't top pigs with pigs" seriously. I guess even stainless steel rusts over time.

"The A-Team" is what is so blatantly wrong with Hollywood today. What next, a movie reboot of "Manimal"?

"The Beaver" is an April Fool's joke taken way too far. Mel Gibson has proven that his days in front of the camera are behind him and that his days behind the camera are in front of him.

"The Expendables," like "TRON Legacy" arrives more then a decade too late to matter. Schwarzenegger turned in his action star cred (which was already fading) to become a mediocre (at best) politician, Bruce Willis can't get star traction nowadays unless the movie is called "Die Hard" and Stallone is the Hollywood equivalent of Hulk Hogan, not being let in on the clue that his action star days are long behind him. Someone needs to go back in time and tell someone in Hollywood that a pairing of Willis-Stallone-Ahnuld had an expiration date of 1994.

"Let Me In" - Hollywood is out of ideas, part Infinity. Does Hollywood really hate subtitles that much?

"Prince of Persia" - Can someone explain to Hollywood that the great experiment to adapt video games into movies is over? Anyone?

"Jonah Hex" - Same with "graphic novels."

"The Social Network" - Because we all love plowing into theaters to watch bored geeks make billions off of other bored geeks.

Is it any wonder why I haven't actually walked into a movie theater in the last four years? Hey, if Hollywood can add depth to the movie screen, do you think that they can spare the change to add some depth to their scripts?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Toy Story 3 is the swan song you predict. Toy manufacterors are already gearing up for Toy Story 4.

Ted said...

Wow, anonymous hates EVERYTHING.