Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seeing Surrogates...

Your first image of Bruce Willis in Touchstone Pictures "Surrogates" is now up over at Coming Soon.

He looks surprisingly like... Bruce Willis. You'd think Bruno could wear a toupee in some of his films so as look different for each role? Like, oh I don't know, what an actor would do. Seriously, I didn't like seeing Mr. Clean walking around trying to pretend to be John McClane in Die Hard 4(I refuse to call it by that ridiculous name). I mean, if you're worth a bagillion dollars couldn't you get plugs? Or at least wear a different looking rug for some of your roles every once in a while?

Check it out, give it a looksie for yourself and if you want a sneak at what the actual Surrogates will look like then click over to io9's pics from last summer. I'm sure we'll get plenty more before the September 25, 2009 release date.


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