Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ABC Gives Exiled Chance...

The ABC Television Network is ordering up a pilot based on the Vertigo Comic "Fables." I've actually read a couple of these issues, so I know a little bit about it. I'm not an expert, by far, but it is an intriguing story. if done properly this could turn out to be a clever piece of work to enjoy.

Of course, if the Suits tinker too much with it...

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Josh said...

As a comic book store owner and a huge Disney fan, I can tell you that the Fables series, which is absolutely incredible, could make the transition to the screen, provided the budget is there to do it right, and the suits don't mess with it too much.

One thing I've heard that bothers me is that Bill Willingham, the author and creator of the series, is in no way involved with the show. That seems like a bad idea.

If I were calling the shots for casting, I'd seriously consider trying to talk Ron Perlman into taking over the Bigby Wolf character. He can play imposing and tough, and he can also handle the make-up the role would sometimes require. Not that I'm type-casting or anything.

Anyway, great blog - I always enjoy checking out what you've got to say.