Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventureland Film By Disney Studio...

Well, not exactly...

Miramax Pictures, a studio owned by the Walt Disney Company will produce, along with Sidney Kimmel a new film from Greg Mottola(Superbad) known as "Adventureland". The script was also written by Mottola. Jesse Eisenberg("The Squid and the Whale") is attached to star. Shooting is set for this fall in Pittsburgh.

Story, set in the summer of 1987, concerns an uptight recent college grad who's forced to take a minimum-wage job at the local amusement park: "Adventureland", after realizing he can't afford his dream European tour. The experience helps him to loosen up a bit as he finds first love, forms new friendships and matures just in time to enter the real world in the fall.

So much for the Mouse turning all its theme park rides into films. Could we say they're turning theme park lands into rides... not really, but it made a fun header and after seeing "Superbad" it'll most likely make a very funny film.

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