Friday, August 31, 2007

Chef Makes Record Sum This Weekend...

Pixar's "Ratatouille" should hit the wonderous $200 million dollar mark by the end of this weekend. It's a little less than half a million away from it as of today and should pull off that record by Sunday night. As for its overseas take...

It's getting bigger and Bigger...


The internation total should overtake the domestic total sometime in mid-September... the Rat is proving a big hit around the world.

The final take should be at least what "Cars" took in, which was just under $462 million... Remy has taken in over $371 million so far and Brad Bird's great, little film still has over HALF it's foreign territories to still open up.

See? All those doomsayers predicting the end of Pixar Animation and writing articles about how Iger paid too much for the Lamp... Well, it's pretty silent from the naysayers right now. Come the end of the year they may be sitting around scratching their heads wondering how Lasseter and his crew were able to defeat the negativity and go 8 for 8.


Anonymous said...

"Quality is a good business plan."

Sounds good to me, keep it up, John and Ed.

Jim Hill hasn't brought up Ratatouille in weeks. Passing $200 million must be killing him.

Anonymous said...

Domestic Total as of Aug. 30, 2007: $199,574,419

Distributor: Buena Vista Release Date: June 29, 2007

Genre: Animation Running Time: 1 hrs. 51 min.

MPAA Rating: G Production Budget: $150 million

Domestic: $199,574,419 53.7%
+ Foreign: $172,349,000 46.3%


= Worldwide: $371,923,419


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