Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Wonder Of It All...

Eight years ago today, the Disney Wonder made it's first voyage for the Disney Cruise Line. With two new ships scheduled to come online during the first part of the next decade, DCL will finally become a two ocean cruise line. No more sending one of it's ships to the West Coast simply to tease us about what the Atlantic has to offer. Ships will be departing from the Southern California ports as well as Florida come 2011...

The original plan when the Disney Cruise Line was conceived was to have as many as ten ships traveling between the East and West Coast. When Michael Eisner planned on building "Port Disney," the proposal was to have the cruise lines ships dock there at the Resort in Long Beach, where they would be surrounded by one of the most gorgeous sites their eyes could behold. Between the marina with three hundred slits filled with boats, the Downtown Disney-like outside mall area, there were five luxurious hotels and of course the stunning DisneySea.

Then as Disney had trouble getting its proposals off the ground, the economy tightened and as the company planned an expansion of the two ships initially build... 911 happened. All plans were shelved after that. Finally, with the booming economy at home and abroad the Walt Disney Company has bit the bullet and decided to double the amount of ships to four. Now this may not be the original ten that were planned... but give it time.

If the economy keeps up this pace there will be more ships to come and the Magic and Wonder won't be all.

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