Monday, October 27, 2008

One House, Many Rooms...

The Walt Disney Company is made up of many divisions. It's a huge company that exist in the 21st Century, a mere eighty-five years after Walt and his brother Roy formed their little animation company...

I figured we would take a moment and look the divisions within the Mouse:


Anonymous said...

What about Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney?

Roald Bergmann said...

Could you tell some more about these divisions? I don't know half of 'em. But what an impressive list. Thanx for posting :-)

Honor Hunter said...



They're there?

Scott said...

Does Disney Vacation Club fall under one of the other divisions?

Scott said...

And I second Roald's comment - some need little or no commentary, but I'd be interested in hearing about some of the lesser known divisions of Disney.

Michael said...

Scott: I believe that DVC falls into the Parks and Resorts part of the company.


There are really only about 8 or so top level parts to the company:

-ABC/Disney TV
-Parks & Resorts
-Consumer Products

Beyond Corporate, each of the others is a Business Unit and each of those Business Units in turn has several Line's of Business inside of them.

Corporate for instance has what you'd expect of a company:
-Corporate IT
etc. etc. etc.

P&R has:
-Disneyland Resort
-DisneyWorld Resort
-Operating agreements for DLP and HKDL
-Adventures by Disney
-Cruise Line
-Disney Vacation Services

etc. etc. etc.

The Studio's is all the studio labels and I believe the music parts as well.

Publishing I'm pretty sure is in Consumer Products.

Anonymous said...

Disney Theatrical, anyone? Y'know, the folks behind Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Lion King, Mary Poppins...

Anonymous said...

what about Radio Disney?

Anonymous said...

very extensive list, but yea is disney theatrical there?

Scott said...

Thanks, Michael. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Can we please have a flowchart so we know which departments are in charge of the others?

Anonymous said...

Honor makes a list and all people can to is complain about what they think is missing. Good Grief. Thanks Honor.

Michael said...

Don't know of an external flowchart (and believe me, as a guy who wants a job there and is trying to get one, it'd be NICE!).

Theatrical is in Studios.

Radio Diz is in Media Networks.

A decent list is on the official corporate page at:

Along with the officers at:

The two are in pretty good agreement for the most part.

The one that's a little different is media networks which is split in two and co-chaired by George Bodenheimer and Anne Sweeney. They slipt Media Networks and I beleive George is at ESPN HQ in Bridgeport, Connecticut while Ann is at ABC headquarters in NYC. I don't know about Walter.

Bob, Dick, Andy, Jay and Steve are all in California, as well as the rest of the corporate team I believe.