Thursday, October 2, 2008

Same Bolt, New Poster...

Walt Disney Pictures has released a new "Bolt" poster...


Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks for the heads up honor.
Its nice that they are now showing characters on the poster.
Because as cool as the lightning bolt poster was, there were probably many people (ie, not online geeks, after all, there ARE a large percentage of people who do not look at message boards or blogs) who were out of the loop as far as what the characters looked like.
Even despite the fact that there has been a theatrical trailer and one quick tv spot. Many people have probably not seen those yet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a terrible poster. The composition of the characters just looks so OFF and I can't get over the fact that they've got Miley Cyrus' name on there...her character isn't even on the poster.

Justin said... has the new poster and a little bit about how he "may or may not be able to talk about how much I enjoyed it"

Our friends at Cinematical have debuted the final poster for Disney's upcoming Bolt. But that's not exactly the only reason I'm writing about this today. I wanted to take this moment to talk about a wonderful animated film that I may or may not have seen yet. And I may or may not be able to talk about how much I enjoyed it and how much it finally reaches to the levels of Pixar. But of course we'll address that again sometime in the future. Until then, take a look at this poster and watch the trailer if you haven't already. Bolt will be hitting theaters at Thanksgiving and it's definitely worth taking your whole family to.