Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tron Lingerings...

Well, having just talked to the Colonel I now know some interesting things...

I was setting by window reading when my iPhone rang. I checked the ID and noticed it was Colonel Kurtz calling. Looking at my watch I noticed that the "Tron Legacy" panel had just ended. I answered the call and heard deep breathing. Was Kurtz alright? Well, yes and no.

You see, after getting up early and making it to the convention center, he stood in line, dutifully to take notes for us here at Blue Sky. Not that I had to force him, it was one of two or three things that were on his "must see" list. And so, after waiting in line for over two hours, he made it up toward the front only to be told that it was full. Full.


He wouldn't be getting in. He wouldn't be seeing the panel. He wouldn't be watching the footage. He wouldn't be seeing the trailer. He wouldn't be reporting on all the awesomeness that he had seen. How was that. The Colonel made sure that he was in line way earlier than he had been for other panels held at Hall H before. How? Why? Well, as I said earlier, Comic-Con has just gotten that big. It's so massively large right now that certain events take great effort to just simply attend.

So off Colonel Kurtz lingered in a daze, until he finally went trudging through the main hall, starring over at the Tron Legacy display area that Disney had set up, taunting him. Holding back tears, he walked on down the aisles and glanced over his schedule to see what was his next destination. Finally, after looking about the floor, fighting the crowds and trying to buy back small bits of his childhood, he whipped out his iPhone to call me and inform me of the bad news.

He was stunned that he had traveled all this way to be denied. I told him that it was ok as several other websites already had descriptions of the panel online. Just don't miss the "other" panels you were supposed to be at. And he hung up, whimpering. Ok, he wasn't whimpering so much as sulking. The Colonel wouldn't like me make him out to be a man that cries. Because he doesn't. Or at least, would never admit it. And so the drama that is the Con goes on and on.

We've got three more days of this madness, so prepare for more hectic craziness...


Tinman said...

I'd cry my eyes out if I was him.

Seriously, that WOMPS. My deepest condolences.

Anonymous said...

Did your friend not realize this was THE EVENT to be at, not only today, but the whole Comic-Con?

Sounds like the Colonel was a little unprepared. I don't know if I'd want him leading me into battle.

He sounds like the kind that would get his troops killed.

Man up, Colonel.

Man up.

Gee Eye Joe said...

Oh, get over it.

It's a frickin' film dooods. You'll see it in December. Until then don't get your panties in a bunch, Kurtz.

You sound a little wimpy for a Colonel? Don't worry, I won't ask and I won't tell.

Anonymous said...

That would suck to wait two hours for a bunch of people to show eight minutes of clips! I don't think you missed much. You're better off going to some other event that isn't going to cost you so much time.

There is plenty to do there that doesn't involve that much waiting in line. Heck, I'd rather hang out at the Green Lantern display and chat with people drooling over Abin Sur.

Don't sweat it Col K. Enjoy the rest of the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lighten up on the guy people. It's basically a place where people gather and talk about movies. It's like a coffee shop..

for 6500 people.

Anonymous said...

So I've noticed a tendency this blog has to fill in as much of the text as possible with links. I just wanted to ask why here you folks felt the need to add in some of the specific links here. Why is iPhone, not once, but twice a link? There are tens of millions of these phones out there, and the fact that the phones you were using happened to be iPhones rather than android phones or blackberries or Zack Morris phones had no impact whatsoever on the story.
Furthermore, if I'm here reading an article on a Disney focused blog about Tron, what is the likelihood I'm unfamiliar with Disney's website, or Tron's official websites.
I'm writing this out of actual curiosity, I'm really trying to understand why so many of your posts are like this, to the point where when you folks do try to link to something, it's often hard to find amidst all the other links peppered through the article.

Mike said...

Got in line for the Tron panel at 8am and had no problem. We got seats toward the front center. The panel was at 11:15 and I definitely saw people getting in line at 9 who made it in with about 1/3 the seats to spare. Maybe his claim of waiting in line for two hours is a little exaggerated.

KURTZ said...

You sissies are just a bunch of errand boys.