Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Beginning Of The End... Or The End Of The Beginning?

Well, it's finally official...

Disney-MGM Studios is no more.

Disney's Hollywood Studios is now the new name.

Long live Disney-MGM.

The name change has been expected for some time now. Most thought that it would be the "Disney-Pixar" name, others thought it would be Disney Studios.

Both were wrong.

I remember a couple e-mails exuding happiness when it was announced that there was going to be no name change, a couple months ago. I remarked that sooner or later a name change was coming and most likely to be announced by October. Well, Disney beat that announcement by a couple months.

Come January 2008 the park will have a new name.

But this isn't the only change... and I'm not talking about the additions that Meg Crofton mentioned today. Most of what she mentioned was already known by most everyone anyway.

Over the next few years the MGM... errr, got to get used to the new acronym. Over the next few years DHS will be getting a re-branding, not just in name but appearance. Now, this won't be on a level with DCA, but there will be more focus on giving the park a unique identity.

A Hollywood identity that's been sorely lacking for most of the past decade.


Anonymous said...

Can we have Indy Adventure and Star Wars 2.0 now?

Please dont clone the Indy coaster from Paris!

Anonymous said...

Best news hope is that the GMR will need to change. I'd put in a new "now playing" attraction.

Indy sounds great and would fit just right. I'll miss the munchkins though...I guess this still won't be Kansas Toto..

Hope they get rid of that Big Hat..hmm put it with the EPCOT wand
Castle cake and other mistakes from Eisner..I know ..they could cover the Swan and Dolphin..better go though...RWR

Unknown said...

More Hollywood, eh? Are they talking Hollywood, the city, or Hollywood the mentality?

Anonymous said...

Being as WDW is in Florida I'd say it's the mentality. Hollywood may be a place, but it's also a state of mind when it comes to thinking of movie making. That's what Disney is providing Orlando. I slice of the dream.

Anonymous said...

Kill that ugly, tired hat!

Anonymous said...

More details, please! I neeeeeds to know. MGM (yeah, it's staying MGM in my brain) really, really needs a lot of work. Basically everything aside from Hollywood and Sunset Blvds needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt. I want my Muppet Movie Ride. I want my Mickey Mouse's Hollywood.

I want the hat to GO AWAY.

I hope this doesn't mean the loss of the classical Hollywood films from the GMR. There needs to be something aside from Disney/Pixar/Lucas in the park. All those gorgeous old Hollywood buildings without any link to classic American film would be a shame.

Anonymous said...

Im hearing that they are going to be adding the Crush's Coaster from Paris after Toy Story...can we have something new or is Imagineering still in love with it's cloning culture?