Saturday, June 16, 2007

Critics Speak! And Audiences Start To Weigh In...

Even before the sneak preview tonight people are starting to tell us what they think about Brad Bird's latest film, "Ratatouille"...

What are they saying?

""Ratatouille" is delicious. In this satisfying, souffle-light tale of a plucky French rodent with a passion for cooking, the master chefs at Pixar have blended all the right ingredients -- abundant verbal and visual wit, genius slapstick timing, a soupcon of Gallic sophistication -- to produce a warm and irresistible concoction that's sure to appeal to everyone's inner Julia Child." Justin Chang, Variety

"By the end of the film, the audience was literally roaring with delight over the nimble twists the film navigates. I've been to early screenings where the free-ness and the excitement of seeing something early can make a crowd a little more enthusiastic than a film might actually warrant, but in this case I'll give the credit to the film itself. The crowd was applauding before the closing credits even started rolling." The New Cruelty, Ain't It Cool News Fan

"Brad Bird and Pixar Animation Studios are proving to be an unbeatable combination. Bird, the cartoon writer-director with delightfully off-kilter sensibilities, and Pixar, the cutting-edge computer-animation company that places so very much emphasis on character, have their second hit together in "Ratatouille," a follow-up to the universally popular "The Incredibles." Who would think a rat in a restaurant's kitchen would induce anything other than comic slapstick involving knives and cleavers flying in all directions? Yet Bird builds a comic world in which a rat can become a chef and food can take on an almost unbearable sensuality." Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

"I’m floating around on a Pixar high this week after seeing "Ratatouille" for the first time, and the only bummer about my screening was that there was no trailer for "Wall-E"." Moriarty, Ain't It Cool News

"Everything Brad Bird touches turns to gold, so when Pixar’s Ratatouille faced production troubles Bird was brought in mid-stream to fix it. It worked. Ratatouille continues Pixar’s unbroken string of filmmaking successes" Josh Tyler, Cinema Blend

"I sadly can't tell you how I feel about RATATOUILLE... sniffle... I wish I could... I wish I could share with you the feeling I had watching this __________ ______ Movie!!!" Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News

"In my opinion, this film was probably the funniest Pixar film made yet. It had great animation, great voice acting, great creativity, and great everything else!!! This is the first Pixar film that I heard all of the audience laughing throughout the movie. Kids and adults of all ages were in attendance. My dad even said it was the funniest Pixar film yet." Jv Is Tiz, JV Pixar News

"This film is very magical in ways that not only the best of Pixar has brought us, but the best that Disney used to bring us. Great characters, fantastic animation, and a sense of love in creating a unique story for the cinema. The audience ate it up... literally - the ratatouille served upon entering the theater was quite delicious. This is what great family cinema can do... everyone in the theater from age 5 - "who knows" seemed to have a great time." The Brain Machine, Ain't It Cool News Fan

So far, I think people like it. Looks like Pixar has another hit on it's hands. I sure hope Uncle John can do for Disney what he's done this little company in Emeryville.

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Danny Dare said...

Thanks for collecting all these reviews together, it is interesting reading them. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie when it opens next week. Looks like it might be the best movie of the year so far.
Pete Inns.