Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pirates Keep Finding Treasure...

Having been out 24 days, "POTC: At World's End" has amassed $820,757,000 globally. Of that, $547,000,000 or 66.6 percent of it's box office is overseas gross and $273,757,000 or 33.4 percent is domestic gross. By the time it's been out a month the take should be well over 850 million... not bad for a franchise that Michael Eisner almost killed. Twice.

By contrast, "Spider-Man 3" has taken in a total of $868,223,227... a little less than 50 million dollars more that Pirates. Johnny Depp's film may not overtake the webslinger but it could make it close. I know Jerry Bruckheimer is busy with "Prince Of Persia" and "The Lone Ranger", but there are already Mouse executives that are dropping hints about a fourth film. The good news is Johnny's said if the script is right, he doesn't mind a fourth or a fifth.

Somewhere a Suit wet his pants when he heard that.

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