Friday, June 8, 2007

Disney Pictures China In Future Filming...

Bob Iger's global vision is becoming more and more apparent. It was recently announced that the Walt Disney Company over 100 million making films in China and several locations(read: India) around the world over the next two years. These are not American productions filming in other countries, but "localized" productions using native talent to the countries it's trying to establish markets in. A prime example of this is the movie, "The Magic Gourd" which Disney will release later this month. There are several other productions like High School Musical planned for China, India and others countries as Disney establishes stronger roots in territories not having a significant Disney influence.

Disney has always been an American company when projecting it's influence overseas. This corporate stategy is an example of the increasing globalization that Disney and other companies once identified as quinticentially American are starting to embrace. With it's focus on trying to capture the hearts of these countries citizens I for one, hope that Disney doesn't loose sight of the American Exceptionalism that Walt Disney exibited in creating his empire. That afterall, is what the world fell in love with... Disney's appeal is universally transcending, but it's also universally American.

Time will tell.

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Unknown said...

This is pretty cool. It does make me wonder about collectors. Will they be able to get their hand on these foreign release or will there be special American-ized versions?

As far as global scale, it makes sense. At one time a lot of places and cultures really went after the westernized American look. With such large global shifts in economies and cultural heritage, this is very forwrd thinking of the Walt Disney Company.