Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everything "Relative" to Ratatouille...

Tomorrow "Ratatouille" opens. I figured for any fence sitters I'd post the links to some media to check out so as to try and persuade you:

There's the 9 minute clip that shows the incredible heart this film has.

There's the two rough animation tests they did called “Emile’s Workout”.

There's a lot of images from the film you can get if you want to as well.

And then "You Tube" has an official site for the film with a whole lot more videos on it.

Last, but certainly not least is this article on Brad Bird in the Hollywood Reporter which is all about what an amazing genius he is.

Now if this doesn't convince you to go see this movie... please leave your address so Brad Bird can send some goons to beat the living crap out of you! Hehe...

Seriously, go see this movie. It's great.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to this movie!

Anonymous said...

I already purchased my advance tickets for a show tomorrow night.