Thursday, June 14, 2007

10th Anniversary Of Hercules' Premiere...

Ten years ago today Walt Disney Pictures premiered it's animated feature "Hercules" at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York.

I know that the Walt Disney Company considered the box office for this film to be a disappointment(Eisner and the Suits were upset this "Second Golden Age" film didn't gross 100 million). I've always thought it was an overlooked gem. This retelling of the classic Greek myth adapted by John Musker & Ron Clements was filled with many funny inside jokes and a bevy of memorable songs. If you haven't seen it or haven't seen it in a while, give it another look. You may be pleasantly surprised.

This was Musker & Clements' follow up to "Aladdin", their fourth team up and was made during the early days of Disney having the Suits oversee creative decisions on it's animated films. Their next film is the highly anticipated "The Princess and the Frog" which returns Walt Disney to the world of 2D animation.


Anonymous said...

I too love Hercules and hope that people give it another look. It is so much better than a lot of this CGI dreck I see playing in theaters today.

Great site, I bookmarked it when I found it. Lots of cool things in your back post.

Unknown said...

Thank, Honor!

I love Hercules and really enjoyed it in the theater.

A post idea for you: Have you ever noticed that most Disney films with a male lead tend not to do as well?

I always thought Hercules had some of the smartest pop music until Tarzan.

Adam Hazlett said...

He put the "GLAD" in GLADIATOR!
I loved that film!

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie and the TV show